Watch: 'Potential for it to explode' - TVNZ pundits break down what to expect in meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un

Tomorrow sees the historic face-to-face meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and TVNZ's Simon Dallow and Corin Dann think anything could happen.

The experienced pair are in Singapore to cover the talks which take place tomorrow at 1pm New Zealand time.

The eyes of the world will be on the two leaders as they sit down behind closed doors for what is scheduled to be a two hour talk.

Watch the video above to see Dallow and Dann break down exactly what to expect.

The two leaders will be having a face-to-face meeting in Singapore tomorrow at 1pm NZ time. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch: 'I love skinny dipping' - Jack Tame's shock admission sees Breakfast colleagues lose the plot

TVNZ 1's Breakfast presenters may well be still coming to grips tonight with the shock revelation by host Jack Tame on this morning's show that he loves skinny dipping.

His admission late in the show left weather presenter Matty McLean covering his eyes, saying the vision was "seared in my mind" and pleading with the studio team to "move on, move on!"

Jack was frank as he casually told the crew and the whole of New Zealand: "My experience of skinny dipping is once one person's in everyone's in. But you need the first person to break the ice. You need someone to be the that first person to go, 'yeah I'll get it out, get it off.' Way you go."

Co-host Hayley Holt inquired: "Did you get yours out and off?"

"I love skinny dipping," Jack replied.

But he became somewhat more circumspect when pressed by newsreader Daniel Faitaua who asked, "When?"

"You don't need to focus on the details. But it's very freeing isn't it?" Jack disclosed.

Daniel told Jack he would never have picked him to be one to skinny dip.

Things descended into hilarity from then on until Hayley reigned in the boys.

You can watch the whole segment in the video above.

The Breakfast crew couldn't contain themselves when host Jack started enthusing about nude swimming being "very freeing". Source: Breakfast



'There will be different views' - unsuccessful repeal of Three Strikes just part of a coalition life, says PM

The Prime Minister has said the unsuccessful proposal to repeal the Three Strikes law was only "one small part" of the Government's wider agenda to reform the justice system, after she was asked if she was disappointed NZ First put the brakes on the proposal. 

"We are a coalition government and there will be different views," she told media today. 

However she said what was important was they agreed that pursuing an "American style of criminal justice" is not working. 

Justice Minister Andrew Little fronted media today about the blow to Labour’s law and order reform. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes after Justice Minister Andrew Little announced the Three Strikes repeal proposal will not go before Cabinet, after New Zealand First indicated they would be unlikely to support it.

"The discussions with NZ First are pretty clear, this is a Government that is totally committed to criminal justice reform, but I think everybody would rather see a full, well-rounded package of changes that means we can reduce offending, therefore reduce the number of victims of crime," Mr Little said. 

The Three Strike law means once an offender has had their third "strike" or sentenced for their third crime, the maximum sentence is handed down, unless it is considered unjust. 

Ms Ardern was asked if she was disappointed Winston Peters had "put the brakes on" repealing the law, to which she said it was just "one small part" of the wider reforms that the Government will propose. 

"Cabinet had not made a final decision, all of these issues are up for discussion and negotiation until the point that we finally settle."

She said within a coalition Government "there are always going to be issues that you might take different issues on". 

Three Strikes law will stay, after NZ First put the brakes on a repeal. Source: 1 NEWS