Watch: PM Jacinda Ardern 'honoured' to be called Daughter of Niue, as she pledges $5m to renewable energy

Jacinda Ardern has spoken in Niue, acknowledging the unofficial title as the 'daughter of Niue' as she pledges a futher $5 million to solar energy generation, on top of $750,000 for Niue's roads and water network. 

In a speech today the PM said it was "truly wonderful" to return to Niue. Source: 1 NEWS

In a speech today the New Zealand Prime Minister said it was "truly wonderful" to return to Niue. Her father is the New Zealand High Commissioner to Niue. 

Ms Ardern was met by her father as she touched down in Niue on the Pacific Mission. Source: 1 NEWS

"It does feel like a bit of a second home to me, particularly how long my family have spent here," Ms Ardern told those gathered.

"I've sometimes been called the daughter of Niue, so I hope you don’t mind I've owned that title.

In a speech today the PM said it was "truly wonderful" to return to Niue. Source: 1 NEWS

"I hope it has your blessing premier, but I feel honoured to ever be called that in passing."

In a press statement, the government said it would support Niue through a package to "improve water and roading infrastructure on Niue and further develop renewable energy generation". 

"New Zealand will invest $750,000 to make immediate improvements to Niue's roads and water network ahead of the 2018 tourism season," Ms Ardern said. 

This is in addition to $5 million pledged today to support Niue's solar energy generation, which is on top of another $5 million New Zealand already provided to help Niue meet its goal of 80 per cent renewable energy target by 2025. 

"Achieving this target will create annual savings of close to $1 million for the Government of Niue, which can be applied to other development priorities such as health, education and other public services," Ms Ardern said.