Watch: Phil Twyford playfully describes South Auckland as 'almost as good' as his Westie home

While his most high profile role may be Housing Minister, Phil Twyford couldn't resist talking up his West Auckland electorate seat of Te Atatū today, while having a playful dig at cross city rivals South Auckland.

Mr Twyford today announced a new Government housing project in the South Auckland suburb of Māngere for 10,000 new homes - 3500 of which are KiwiBuild.

Speaking at the opening of the Māngere Development Information Centre today, Twyford pulled out the following.

"My colleague, it's great to be here in the city of the young, gifted and beautiful, almost as good as West Auckland," Mr Twyford said to chuckles from the crowd in attendance.

Mr Twyford outlined the project would take 10 to 15 years to complete, in which 2700 existing "worn-out" state housing will be replaced by the 10,000 new homes.

Of these, 3000 will be new state houses, 3500 will be new KiwiBuild affordable homes, and 3500 will be homes for sale on the open market.

Making a housing announcement in Mangere, the Minister said the “south was almost as good as the west”. Source: 1 NEWS