Watch: 'People saying that are mindless' - Winston Peters insists he won't hold country to ransom in coalition negotiations




Winston Peters insists he won't hold the country to ransom when it comes to forming a government.

Winston Peters holds all the aces when it comes to forming the next government.
Source: 1 NEWS

In his typically bold style Mr Peters hit out at the people suggesting he would.

"The people saying that are jaundiced and mindless and don't care a hoot about the facts," the NZ First leader told 1 NEWS in an exclusive interview today.

Two days on from the election and Mr Peters still hasn't had contact with Jacinda Ardern or Bill English.

"No, and I wouldn't expect to," Mr Peters said. "I think his chief of staff (Bill English's) has talked to my chief of staff, I do know, that the same thing has happened on the other side."

Both Bill English and Jacinda Ardern have said they plan on having individual calls with Mr Peters before the end of the week.

The Labour Party will head back to Parliament with 13 new MPs.
Source: 1 NEWS

Although this initial approach will be made, negotiations won't start in earnest until after the final vote count on October 7.

National leader Bill English expects to talk to NZ First leader Winston Peters in the next couple of days.
Source: Breakfast

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