Watch: Otago University threatens expulsion after shocking videos of students' flat initiations emerge on social media




The University of Otago has threatened students involved in shocking flat initiation hazing rituals with expulsion, after videos emerged on social media showing students vomiting on each other and stripping naked on local streets.

University of Otago proctor Dave Scott told 1 NEWS the university is launching an investigation into the troubling events.

"This behaviour won't be tolerated, we will actively investigate these matters, and I have spoken to the Vice Chancellor this afternoon and everything is on the table here, including possible exclusion from the university," Mr Scott said.

The University of Otago proctor doesn't see think tradition should be an excuse for the students behaviour.

"I can't see any fun in this behaviuour at all, this is bullying, this is dehumanising, this is treating other humans with disdain, there is harm there," he said.

Dave Scott says the university isn't ruling out expulsion for students involved in the hazing.
Source: 1 NEWS

The footage which has emerged is from various hazing parties dating all the way back to 2014, but have only surfaced online this week.

One Snapchat video from a flat hazing ritual shows students lying on the ground covered in red liquid, while other students force themselves to throw up on them.

Hugh Baird thinks the tradition of flat initiations has been brought into "disrepute" by some students.
Source: 1 NEWS

The tradition of hazing for flat initiation isn't surprising to the President of the Otago University Students' Association, Hugh Baird, but he is worried that the latest footage shows it might be taking a dark turn.

"Normally initiation is a good time, it's fun for those people initiating and being initiated, but this is a step too far and there is a line.

"People generally know where that line is and things like these actions bring the whole thing into disrepute," Mr Baird told 1 NEWS.

He says anyone looking to do initiations in the future needs to be aware of not "crossing the line" in case the University of Otago stamps out the tradition and ruins it for future generations.

The students say they have all been through it and it's just part of the tradition.
Source: 1 NEWS

Reaction from students on the streets of Dunedin suggests the flat hazing rituals are part of the student experience at Otago University.

"Yeah we both did it, we just had to do a lot of drinking really, some of the guys ones can be pretty intense," two female students said of their experiences.

When asked what they meant by intense they replied the initiations involved "a lot of vomiting on each other".

1 NEWS spoke to a group of students believed to be linked to one of the flat initiations in question, who strongly refuted claims that anyone was forced to do something against their will, but wanted to remain anonymous in case they were kicked out of University.

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