Watch: Orcas pay visit to Auckland paddleboarder who cautions 'don't chase after them'




An Auckland paddleboarder has shared his amazing close encounter with a pod of orcas to highlight the importance of giving sealife space in the wild.

Photographer Scott Sinton was paddleboarding off Auckland's Murrays Bay when the giant beauties came to say "hello", Seven Sharp reports.

His video shows him on his paddle board and the orcas swimming over to him.

"I'm not paddling, they're just coming up to me," Mr Sinton says.

He even puts his camera into the water and gets great shots of the orcas swimming near his board and making sounds.

But as more orcas are likely to come into Auckland's harbour over summer, the Department Of Conservation is reminding people that whales and dolphins are protected species.

There are simple rules to follow  - don't chase them or circle them and don't suddenly speed off or make loud noises.

Also if you're lucky enough to get close remember to stay at least 50 metres away, because they are wild animals after all, so this law protects both us and them.

Mr Sinton echoes that message in his video.

And you can face a hefty fine if you break the rules.

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