Watch: Orca plays cat-and-mouse with Kiwi kayaker in unreal video of Tauranga marine life used to educate Kiwi kids

A Tauranga man is using a video compilation of his best moments as a marine life kayaker in Tauranga over the past six months to educate Kiwis.

Nathan Pettigrew holds a marine mammal permit allowing him to get up close to not just whales and dolphins, but also seals that usually require a 20m distance when on land. 

He's used ths permit to film some incredible encounters with different marine life species in the hopes of educating New Zealanders about the importance of protecting them.

Mr Pettigrew told 1 NEWS NOW his experiences help him educate Kiwis and promote "New Zealand's marine life by kayak" often teaching young kids how to respect some of the incredible sea life.

"My goal is that this video will reach a child, in the same way that it did for me many, many years ago, and engage a kind of magic that will perhaps see them become future protectors (or kaitiaki) of our oceans," he wrote on a post alongside his latest video, Tauranga Moana is Awesome II.

Mr Pettigrew said a number of years back when he first had the permit "it was pretty daunting" to come across huge whales like orca and the southern right whale, shown in his video, but he's slowly gotten used to it.

He said you can really notice the "sense of intellegence" orcas have when coming close to them and "it's pretty incredible".

A number of schools in Tauranga and even one in the US have had the pleasure of learning about marine life with one of Mr Pettigrew's voluntary educational talks.

Using his incredible pictures and video he is able to teach young Kiwis about different species in our oceans focusing on "how we can help them".

It's generally more basic when talking to kids, telling them about picking up plastic bags and putting them in rubbish, he says.

Mr Pettigrew says he's been invited to accompany schools on beach days and is surprised to learn "some have never been to the beach" despite living in Tauranga.

"I know it's good when I get invited back," he said.

He also tries to promote the Department of Conservation's regulations by explaining the importance of keeping our distance from animals that could get hurt from boats encroaching on their space.

Essentially he wants Kiwis to "stop and think... 'let's be there for the animals'."