Watch: Orca and her calf give onlookers 'awe-inspiring' encounter as they swim underneath Wellington jetty

Onlookers were treated to an "awe-inspiring" sight in Karaka Bay, Wellington this afternoon when an orca and her calf swam right underneath the jetty.

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The mother was accompanied by her calf. Source: Supplied

Juliet Dreaver was lucky enough to witness the playful mammals when they came by for a closer look around 3:30pm.

"It was awe-inspiring, I jump off the Karaka Bay jetty every year for a mid-winter swim and this is only the second time I have seen them come so close," Ms Dreaver told 1 NEWS.

Karaka Bay jetty. Source: Juliet Dreaver

A group of around 10 people, including tourists, were also on hand to watch the orca.

Ms Dreaver says orca can often be seen swimming in the harbour, but it's rare for them to venture near the jetty.