Watch: 'Only in New Zealand!' Lucky swimmers surrounded by playful dolphins in shallows at Northland beach

Lucky swimmers were treated to an amazing experience at a Northland beach today, as a group of dolphins made their way into the shallows to play in the small waves.

Auckland resident Joe Hickey was visiting Matauri Bay with his mother, who is on holiday from England, and his five-year-old son Jasper, when he managed to capture some amazing footage of the playful marine mammals on camera.

"They were out far about 11am and by midday they were swimming with everyone in the water.

"There were six of them and they were jumping and showing off, my son Jasper was in my arms in the water and he said 'yes! My wish came true,'" Mr Hickey said.

Along with his mother Avril Smith, who is visiting New Zealand from Winchester in the UK, five-year-old Daisy Connolly, a friend of his son's, was also in the water to experience the magical event.

The dolphins stayed in the shallows playing for an amazing two hours before taking their leave.

Mr Hickey, 29, says he is still "buzzing" from the chance encounter and says he has lived in NZ for eight years and never experienced anything like this.