Watch: 'The One Dollar Bill Budget' - Andrew Little blasts $1 tax cut for cleaner on minimum wage

It's the "One Dollar Bill Budget", says Labour leader Andrew Little who claims a single cleaner on a minimum wage will get just $1 a week extra from tax cuts announced today.

Mr Little has come out swinging against the National 2017 Budget as not taking tax earners 'seriously'. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Little says Budget 2017 is an irresponsible election bribe which after nine years exposes a government that's run out of energy and ideas to tackle the big issues facing New Zealand.

"This is simply cynical electioneering that does nothing to address the shortfalls in health, housing and education, and in fact makes them worse," he said.

He says it's not a Budget for the future but one for election day, September 23.

"We can't afford National's election bribe when young couples can't buy their first home, when our hospitals are turning away patients, when kids are living in cars, when education standards are slipping, and when roads are clogged," the Labour leader said.

"For all National's talk about tax cuts, the reality is that a single cleaner on a minimum wage will get just $1 a week extra. It's the One Dollar Bill Budget."

The big winners of the Budget are the top earners who take home most of the tax benefits, Mr Little said. 

"This is a tired Government whose only idea left is to splash the cash instead of a genuine commitment to fix housing, health, education and infrastructure."

In health, the Budget is $200 million a year short of what  district health boards "need to stand still" while in education, schools are short by $70 million "at a time when we have overcrowding and falling standards," he said.

"And in housing National is only building one affordable house a day in Auckland for every 100 new Aucklanders."

Labour is committed to fixing the housing crisis, clearing the roads of gridlock, and fixing the $1.7 billion hole in health, he said.