Watch: 'This is not a court of inquiry' - Gerry Brownlee prickly over handling of Christchurch fire disaster




Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee remain at loggerheads over when a state of emergency should have been declared. 

The Acting Defence Minister backtracked on his critical comments saying he “made a dreadful mistake” answering a reporter’s question.
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The mayor is under fire from the minister, who remains critical over the way the declaration of emergency was handled. 

A state of emergency was declared on Wednesday, with Ms Dalziel telling TV 1's Breakfast  this morning it would've made "no difference" if a state of emergency had been declared earlier.  

Lianne Dalziel says she will be accountable in a review into whether a state of emergency was called soon enough.
Source: Breakfast

"You know at the end of the day the buck stops with me," Ms Dalziel said.

"If I didn't call the Civil Defence emergency early enough, that's what I have to be accountable for and I am really happy to do that."

Talking to emergency services yesterday, she said she was satisfied with the decision, believing it has "made no difference to the people on the ground doing the work".

However, half an hour later on  Breakfast, Mr Brownlee admitted he hadn't spoken to the Christchurch Mayor - but remained adamant he doesn't regret telling media a decision should've been made earlier. 

From the skies, the extent of the damage becomes clear.
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"It was a fire that raged for, in an increasing intensity for two and a half days before that was even on the table as a consideration. It was late on the third day when it was actually declared to be a civil emergency," he said. 

I'm not going to respond to your question"
Gerry Brownlee

"What I have been critical of is the way in which it appeared to be a degree of uncertainty about whether or not there should be a state of emergency." 

The mayor says there will be a review over the decision. 

Gerry Brownlee said 'the most accurate advice I was getting was coming from the media'.
Source: 1 NEWS
Gerry Brownlee says the Govt 'will learn' from how things were handled yesterday.
Source: 1 NEWS

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