Watch: New Zealand's biggest pumpkin being dropped from a 45 metre crane, live on Seven Sharp

In what is becoming an annual tradition on Seven Sharp, the biggest pumpkin grown on Kiwi soil was celebrated - and then smashed from a great height.

Morrinsville farmer Tim Harris has for the third time broken the New Zealand record for pumpkin size.

Last year his biggest pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 789.5kg - and it's even bigger this year at 808kg.

Tim Harris grew NZ's largest pumpkin at his dairy farm in Morrinsville, and now his son Alex is plotting his dad’s demise. Source: Seven Sharp

To acknowledge Tim's achievements in 2017, Seven Sharp asked the public what to do with the mighty squash he had grown, and the consensus was a pumpkin carriage.

But for reporter Lucas De Jong, that was far too boring.

This year, the public had no input, and Tim's huge pumpkin was dropped from a crane from 45 metres in the air.

And just to reassure people, the giant pumpkins Tim grows are inedible - so don't worry about any food being wasted in this spectacle.

But this does also pose the question - why would he go to the effort of growing a pumpkin this large you can't eat.

The southern hemisphere's largest pumpkin has been turned, by popular vote, into a Cinderella carriage. Source: Seven Sharp

"Every man's gotta have his hobby," Tim says.

A west Auckland carpark was the scene of a massive mess. Source: Seven Sharp