Watch: New footage shows progress made on Auckland's City Rail Link

Progress continues to be made on New Zealand's largest transport infrastructure project, Auckland's City Rail Link, which is due to open in 2024.

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Breakfast reporter Katie Stevenson caught up with CRL chief executive Sean Sweeney to get an update on the work. Source: Breakfast

Ahead of part of the tunnel being sealed up next week, there is a public opportunity to get a glimpse at the construction going on.

City Rail Link chief executive Sean Sweeney said people have been keen to take up the opportunity this Sunday (November 17), with 10,000 tickets to the open day snapped up in 15 minutes.

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The Auckland project was expected to cost the Government and Auckland Council $3.4 billion, but it’s gone up significantly. Source: 1 NEWS

The $4.4 billion project includes two new tunnels and three new stations which will enable trains to carry on from Britomart, heading up to Mount Eden, and creating a wider loop around the CBD.

"The City Rail Link in many ways is the missing link in Auckland's train network," Mr Sweeney said.

Work has been going on for about three years. But in three months time the major phase of work will begin.

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Taxpayers are going to pay half the cost of Auckland's multi-billion dollar City Rail Link. Source: 1 NEWS