Watch: Narrow escape for Auckland woman as bus ploughs into her home




A bus crashed into a house on Auckland's North Shore leaving one person injured and the driver of the bus needing to be treated for shock. 

Witness Kirsten Barker came across the crash in Devonport which left one person a critical condition.
Source: 1 NEWS

Fire Communications told 1 NEWS power lines came down as a result of the accident on Vauxhall Road in Devonport.

They said a council building engineer was called to the scene. 

The bus just missed a power pole and slammed into the apartment building in Devonport.
Source: 1 NEWS

A St John's spokesperson told 1 NEWS one person was taken to hospital with minor injuries, while the female driver was treated at the scene for shock.

Witness Kirsten Barker arrived at the scene shortly after the crash and says it wasn't clear if the bus crashed due to a mechanical or a medical event.

Other witnesses at the scene reported hearing a loud crash and some reported seeing the bus "weaving" across the road before it crashed.

The road is now open and the bus remains at the scene.

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