Watch: 'Naivety and narcissism' - Mike Hosking says Green Party struggles are 'political insanity'



Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp host Mike Hosking has revealed his thoughts on the current crisis surrounding Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei, calling her naive and narcissistic.

The Seven Sharp host says the Green Party ruckus over Metiria Turei is a lose-lose situation for them.
Source: Seven Sharp

"Naivety and narcissism is what we're dealing with here, naivety in the sense you will note no one is talking about poverty which allegedly was the plan.

"And narcissism, because Ms Turei continues to fail to see that she is putting herself above everyone else."

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Hosking thinks Ms Turei should have resigned over the benefit and electoral fraud scandal, and the real question is when she should have resigned, not if she will at all.

"The damage gets worse by the day, and when she and James Shaw stand on election day in the tatters of what was once a promising party and campaign.

"How are they going to explain all the carnage?"

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