Watch: 'This is my generation's nuclear free moment' - Jacinda Ardern's passionate speech on climate change at Labour's campaign launch


Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has focused on poverty, how to better measure economic success, and climate change in her speech at the Labour Party election campaign launch in Auckland today.

More than 2,000 people have attended the Labour Party's campaign launch in Auckland.
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Ms Ardern received a rousing welcome at the packed Auckland Town Hall, with some of her supporters breaking out into song as she made her way on stage.

Labour's campaign launch in Auckland was a boisterous affair, featuring a performance from Kiwi artist Hollie Smith.
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Among those gathered at the campaign launch was former leader Helen Clark, who also received a rousing welcome.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern is launching her party's 2017 election campaign in Auckland this afternoon.
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Labour Party organisers say around 2200 people attended the event in total, with two overflow rooms filled, along with the main hall.

The crowd was warmed up by a performance from Hollie Smith, while fellow musician Don McGlashan gave a speech.

In her speech Ms Ardern stressed Labour will take climate change seriously and be driven by principal not expediency.

Ms Ardern says "This is my generation's nuclear free moment and I am determined we will attack it head on."

Education was also addressed, with Ms Ardern saying: "Labour is committed to revolutionising education."

"We have already pledged to make the first three years of post-secondary education free," she said.

The Labour Party wants to make the first three years of post-secondary education free for Kiwis.
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In her speech Ms Arden also stressed that under Labour there will be a change in Public Finance Act so that every budget "you will hear about how many kids we have lifted out of poverty".

Ms Arden says the major point of difference on economic issues in this election "is not how long each leader has been working with Treasury - it's what we measure as the signs of success."

Ms Ardern addressed the country's housing issues by saying Labour will implement three key policies to make the market affordable again.

"We will remove speculators unfair tax advantages, we will stop foreign buyers who have no interest in NZ buying existing homes and finally we will just get on and build more houses," she said.

The Labour Party leader outlined three policies to help address the country's inflated housing market.
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