Watch: 'My brain lining, my eye sockets, my nasal passages, my sinuses, my jaw, my gum, my spinal fluid...': Brave cancer teen Jake Bailey opens up on just how sick he was

Jake Bailey. Recognise that name? Well, you shouldn't.

Jake Bailey sits down with Sunday's Jehan Casinader to talk about life after cancer. Source: Sunday

Christchurch Boys' High School head boy Jake Bailey delivered his last speech at prize giving, after being diagnosed with cancer. Source: YouTube/Christchurch Boys' High School

He should be enjoying the obscurity that every other 19-year-old takes for granted.

Instead, Jake became a household name in November 2015, when his school prizegiving speech went viral.

Dying from an aggressive form of lymphoma, Jake dragged himself out of his hospital bed and onto a stage, where he delivered a powerful and moving address.

Many expected that this speech would be his last; a fitting farewell to his schoolmates.

Instead, in February 2016, he sat in front of our cameras in Christchurch, giving his first interview to TVNZ, after beating cancer. 

Jake wore a beanie. His hair hadn't yet returned after chemotherapy. 

A make-up artist helped to compensate for his missing eyebrows.

Still lacking strength, he relied on crutches to move around.

But he spoke with the relief of someone who had come to realise just how lucky he was.

"The sun shines a little bit warmer on my back… Every day isn't a given," he told me in that interview.

Jake was uncomfortable - perhaps even confused - at the amount of attention his speech had received.

But after the cameras were packed away and the public's interest waned, he knew he had a choice.

To fade back into obscurity, or to use his newfound profile to increase our understanding of what life is like during - and after - cancer.

He's doing just that on SUNDAY this weekend - speaking frankly about the toll the illness took, on his body and his family.

And he's sharing a fresh perspective on how we can support those who're facing cancer.

That inspiring prizegiving speech was just the beginning.

Jake speaks exclusively to Jehan Casinader on SUNDAY, 7.30pm, TVNZ1.