Watch: The moment no-nonsense National MP Nicky Wagner manhandles protestor trying to bust in on Bill English

A protester wearing a suit was yanked away by Christchurch Central MP Nicky Wagner after popping up right behind National Party leader Bill English while he was addressing a large crowd of National supporters in Christchurch. 

Factory hen protestors heckled the National Party leader in Christchurch today. Source: 1 NEWS

The man, holding up a large placard protesting battery hen farming, approached Mr English as he gave a speech before Ms Wagner quickly intervened. 

She grabbed the protestor under his arms and swiftly lifted him up and pulled him away before member of Mr English's security team ushered the man away.

People can be heard yelling, "go away" to the protester. 

Other protestors held up large signs of factory farmed pigs and hens before tussles broke out with National supporters who attempted to cover the protest signs. 

Mr English continued his speech throughout the incident, saying: "What's so impressive about our MPs and our candidates is how much in touch with their communities they are".

He said that included listening to people who had "quite strong views on a number of issues, animal welfare is something we've really focused on."