Watch: Meet the first baby born in Kaikoura since the quake - and he is utterly adorable

Baby Phaze Wikiriwhi was born at 6:34 last night, after a four hour labour, in a town where few good things have happened in recent times.

His mother, Meriana Manawatu-Harris, says he's a very calm baby, despite what was happening around him in Kaikoura his last week before his birth.

His big brother, Jahmalakai, four, just wants to hold him all the time.

When asked what he loved about his little brother he said "nuffink" but was later heard whispering "I love him".

Santa's gifts and goodies were the overflow from a party in Christchurch today for special needs and disadvantaged children. Source: 1 NEWS

Midwife Bernie Thomas says it's been a very tough week for Kaikoura, so this baby being born is wonderful news that will lift everyone's spirits in the cut off town, and help calm the nerves of other expectant mums.

Kaikoura remains isolated by road following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake a week ago, and many residents are wondering when their lives will get back to normal.

Phaze Wikiriwhi is a very calm baby, his mum says, despite what has been happening in the area in the past week. Source: 1 NEWS