Watch: Meet the dedicated army working to get Kaikoura's coastal highway open on time

A week out from the monumental achievement of the re-opening of the coastal road north from Kaikoura, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp went to meet the army of men and women responsible for making it happen.

A crew of more than 1700 have been working on the road since last year, repairing almost 200 kilometres of road and securing 85 landslides.

With wildlife hazards to contend with as well as the huge task of re-shaping the land, the last 12 months have been a tough but rewarding time for the workers.

"Just to know that I was part of it, 1700 people here working on the road and I was one of those 1700," local worker Aaron told Seven Sharp.

The road is set to re-open to the public next Friday December 15.

Seven Sharp's Mike Thorpe went to meet the high vis rock stars. Source: Seven Sharp