Watch: Man narrowly escapes death after jumping from moving train into water in Western Australia

A man narrowly escaped death after jumping from a moving train into water in Western Australia. 

Footage of the dangerous stunt, which is being circulated on social media, shows the man jumping from the moving train as it passes over Freemantle Railway Bridge.

The man narrowly misses hitting the bridge's concrete pillar.

Authorities say the man was lucky he wasn't killed.

"You don't actually need to reach out and touch those wires or rub against one for it to electrocute someone," Public Transport Authorities', Claire Krol told Nine News.

"It is absolutely disgraceful behaviour, it is clearly dangerous, this person is very lucky to have survived."

Video of the incident has been viewed more than 100,000 times on the Brown Cardigan Facebook page.

The Public Transport Authority are unsure of when the incident occurred or of the people involved but are investigating.