Watch: Man in his eighties flees 'substandard' West Auckland rental accommodation fearing for his safety

An elderly Auckland resident is sounding a warning about the substandard living conditions on offer to those who can't afford the city's escalating market rents.

Frederick Shimmen’s local MP claim's the case is just the tip of the iceberg. Source: 1 NEWS

Frederick Shimmen has left his rental of six months in the city's west fearing for his own safety.

"Health wise, safety wise, it's not acceptable not in this day and age in this country," says Mr Shimmen.

Mr Shimmen, a navy veteran, was paying $120 per week for a room which is part of a shed containing cooking, toilet and washing facilities for those also living in two buses and a caravan on the site.

He decided to leave this week, increasingly worried by the recent arrival of even more tenants. 

"The set up for the lighting of the buses, all just extension cords, holes in the floors, an outdoor toilet. When the wind blows and the rain, it would all come in," says Mr Shimmen.

Local MP and Labour's Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says Mr Shimmen's situation is not out of the ordinary.

"There are thousands of people in this situation find themselves living in the most appalling slum conditions. It just shouldn't be allowed to happen," he says.

Records show the property is owned by Peter The Mover Limited.

A man identifying himself only as Peter and also the landlord spoke with 1 NEWS but didn't want to talk on camera.

He says all wiring on the property is safe and the plumbing is up to standard. He dismissed Mr Shimmen's claim that around nine people share facilities, but declined to tell us how much rent he collects each week and labelled Frederick a complainer and trouble maker.

But Mr Shimmen says: "It's baloney, he's covering his butt, simple as that".

The property owner says he was ordered to remove illegal structures from the property four years ago. Both he and his wife maintain their tenants have nowhere else to go.

Work and Income have booked Mr Shimmen into a motel until the end of the week.