Watch: Mammoth 175m-long livestock carrier docks in Napier


The world's largest livestock carrier has docked in Napier.

The over 175m long and 30m wide Ocean Drover arrived in Napier this morning.
Source: 1 NEWS

The over 175 metre long and 30 metre wide Ocean Drover arrived in Napier this morning, after departing from Timaru yesterday afternoon where it loaded half of the 6600 cows expected to be on board.

It is expected to load the remaining cows from Napier.

With China the final destination for the livestock the ship is expected to depart by tomorrow.

Depending on seas and weather it will take up to two weeks to reach its final destination. 

MPI spokesperson Paul Dansted said "the health and welfare of the animals is the number one priority for MPI".

"Once all of the animals are loaded, an MPI veterinarian inspects them to ensure they are fit for travel. If all animal welfare requirements are met, an AWEC certificate will be issued.

"During the voyage, the exporter must meet requirements around water, food, space, facilities and having suitably experienced stockmen and/or veterinarians. They must also have medicine and equipment for treating any animals that become unwell during the journey.

"If unusual levels of mortality or sickness occur during the voyage, the ship’s Master is to report this immediately to MPI."

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