Watch: Lucrative computer game Minecraft helping put 20-year-old through university

A young Auckland man who builds and sells Minecraft maps part-time for a living is putting himself through university thanks to his hobby-turned-job.

Seven Sharp reported Minecraft is kind of like digital Lego.

Twenty-year-old Jason King told the programme he makes about $25,000 to $35,000 a year, for about 12 to 13 hours work a week, building and selling Minecraft maps. 

He's part of a team and his secret weapon is speed, Jason saying he's one of the fastest in the world at creating one particular digital building.

Creating buildings on the web has led Jason to study architecture.

"I'm paying my way through university with Minecraft," he said.

The only problem with higher education is that any architecture degree will have to compete with full-time Minecraft money.

"Potentially you could make a hundred, two hundred k or more a year," Jason said. 

Right now dreaming big and working hard means a trip to LA and Minecon, a massive convention of Minecraft devotees. 

"Pretty much a business trip, with a bit of advertising in between as well," Jason said.

Minecraft is like lego for the web, you can build buildings, countries and whole worlds. Source: Seven Sharp

Man charged over violent assault on Herald delivery man that left him fighting for his life

A man has been charged over an alleged serious assault that involved a knife and a brick on a newspaper delivery man in the car park of a South Auckland service station last weekend. 

Counties Manuaku Police have charged a 20-year-old man with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The man has also been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery over an incident three days before at a local takeaway store and another incident at the Ormiston Z Service Station earlier in the week. 

The violent assault of the 46-year-old man occurred around 3am last Saturday, at the Gull Service Station on East Tamaki Rd in South Auckland and was caught on CCTV footage. 

The man was waiting in his car outside the service station to collect newspapers which were to be delivered later that morning when two people opened the door and began to viciously attack him.

Police believe the pair were armed with a firearm, knife and a brick and brutally attacked the man while he was inside his own vehicle.

The attackers then pulled the man from his vehicle and continued to beat and stab him.

Police said in a statement this evening that the alleged offender is being held in custody and is due to appear in the Manukau District Court tomorrow morning. 

The second person involved is yet to be identified and caught, Police said. 

Earlier today, Detective Sergeant Leleni said the victim is very lucky to have survived such a horrific ordeal.

"The victim was left with life threatening injuries after the attackers were scared off by a colleague who came to his aid. Fortunately, he is now in a stable condition and is recovering in hospital," Detective Leleni said.

"This was a terrifying and completely unprovoked attack."

If you have any information which can help Police please contact the Counties Manukau Crime Squad on (09) 261 1321. Alternatively you can also provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 


Queensland refusing to back down over controversial scheme undermining NZ exports to the state

New Zealand's trade minister is challenging a controversial scheme by Queensland's State Government which is undermining New Zealand exports. 

Coming into effect today, Queensland's government is favouring local bidders for lucrative state contracts over New Zealand companies. 

New Zealand's Trade Minister Todd McClay has unsuccessfully tried to convince the state's premier to back down and is demanding a meeting with his Australian counterpart. 

"We haven't received the assurances we need that they will treat New Zealand companies fairly and that's why we're formally launching consultation with the Australian Government under CER (Closer Economic Relations)," he told 1 NEWS. 

CER, is supposed to mean Australian and New Zealand businesses are treated the same when it comes to big contracts which was signed by both countries, as well as Australia's six states. 

Australia's Trade Minister is on the same side as Mr McClay and says the move is reckless and puts Queensland jobs at risk. 

However, Queensland's Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says "it is putting Queensland jobs first".

"It is about putting Queenslanders first and giving the local contractors the opportunity to bid to tender for that work and hopefully get that work.

Trade Minister Todd McClay flew to Canberra today for an emergency meeting over the 'locals first' policy. Source: 1 NEWS