Watch: Lucky Kiwi kids belt out Smoke on the Water with Deep Purple rock legend

Deep Purple's famous 70s rock tune Smoke on the Water has been belted out by a group of young Kiwi admirers, ahead of Glenn Hughes' classic Deep Purple Christchurch show tonight.

For five hard-rocking decades former Deep Purple bass player Glenn Hughes has performed this anthem, now he enjoys sharing it with younger generations.

"I am overjoyed when I see and hear youngsters playing songs that we wrote and recorded in the early 70s," Hughes told Seven Sharp's Mike Thorpe.

Deep Purple enjoyed their heyday between 1973 and 1976 , with Hughes touring the world playing his bass guitar.

The band split up shortly after but their music never went away.

"It doesn't belong to us anymore. The people that are playing it and singing it, it belongs to the audience," Hughes said.

Judging by the smiles on the faces of the Christchurch kids playing Smoke on the Water along with Hughes, Deep Purple's music will go on to inspire generations to come.

Mike Thorpe meets former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes, and those lucky enough to play alongside him. Source: Seven Sharp