Watch: Lotto win of $30 million claimed by team of 10 women - 'We're all going to help our families'


Ten women who have teamed up to buy lotto tickets for five years have claimed Saturday's $30million Powerball jackpot.

The prize is the third largest Powerball jackpot in New Zealand history.
Source: 1 NEWS

The winning ticket has the third highest value in Lotto's history.

One of the winners, Tina, purchased the ticket on behalf of her syndicate and was the first to learn of their win.

"I realised at about 11 o'clock on Saturday night, simply because I was looking at Facebook and saw that a Taupo ticket had won," she said.

"I was quite calm actually."

Lotto's Kirsten Robinson says they've had syndicates win prizes before, but this is the first time in a very long time one has taken out Powerball first division.

"It's a really fun way to play as you get to enjoy celebrating every little win with friends and family," Ms Robinson said.

Tina, who's chosen not to share her last name, says the best thing was ringing the other women to tell them they would each be three million dollars richer.

"The news was out it was Taupo ticket and they thought I was just yanking their chain, they thought I was kidding."

She said all the woman made it clear straight away they wanted to help their family.

"It's been won by ten people, but probably 30 or 50 people because we’re all going to help our families."

Tina says she loves her job and her life so otherwise it's "business as usual".

"By and large that’s how the group feels".

All 10 women in the syndicate were working in Dunedin in the dental industry when they started the tradition, and now live right across the country.

"But we have kept our syndicate together, and there we go, that was the good luck charm," Tina told 1 NEWS.

They buy Lucky Dip tickets that last ten weeks, and this win came on the last week of their most recent ticket.

The 10 women are all in Auckland today to celebrate, reuniting for the first time in years.

They've now vowed to continue buying lotto tickets as a syndicate, and to have a reunion every anniversary of their big win.

"We are bonded anyway, with or without the win," Tina said.

She said she took a while to come forward, because she wanted to work out when the "collective" could all come to Auckland.

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