Watch: Lift off as Rocket Lab launches mission for US satellite company

Rocket Lab launched its ninth successful mission today from its launch complex on the Māhia Peninsula.

The electron rocket lifted off just after 2.20pm - early on in a 14-day launch window.

Named, As The Crow Flies, the mission was a launch for company Astro Digital, a California based satellite manufacturer.

The name of the mission is in reference to Astro Digital's Corvus platform of cubesats. Corvus is a genus of birds which includes crows.

Rocket Lab’s Senior Vice President – Global Launch Services, Lars Hoffman, says the mission is a perfect example of the tailored, responsive and precise launch service sought by an increasing number of small satellite operators.

“We are honoured Astro Digital has selected Rocket Lab as the launch provider for their dedicated mission. The Electron launch vehicle, with its unique Kick Stage, is perfectly positioned to provide the kind of tailored, rapid and responsive access to space that rideshare models simply can’t deliver,” Mr Hoffman says.

A spokesperson for Rocket Lab says it's set to launch its tenth mission in late November, early December.