Watch: 'Let's give them their own island' - Marae TV employee left shocked by phone message

A Marae TV employee was shocked when she cleared her phone messages earlier in the week and heard a conversation that had been accidentally recorded of two men allegedly being casually racist towards Maori.

It was just another day at the office for Marae TV's Blake Ihimaera until she cleared her phone messages. Source: Marae

Blake Ihimaera had left a message with prestige car company, Driveline to return her call, but the message that was accidentally left after failing to hang up the phone, left Ms Ihimaera and her colleagues shocked.

The message was played on TVNZ's Marae today and in the recording a man can be heard saying, "they (expletive) spelt Maori wrong and she is a Maori.

"Sort of sums it up doesn't it. Unbelievable."

He continues, "they want their own prison now (expletive) let's give them their own island somewhere."

"Send them away," another man says, before the first voice finishes "It's a horrible looking name".

Ms Ihimaera said when she first heard the message she couldn't believe it.

After complaining about the message to Driveline, Ms Ihimaera received a phone call and a written apology from managing director Lance Manins, who said the incident was "simply unacceptable".