Watch: 'Let's Do This' - Jacinda Ardern reveals Labour's new slogan as party starts fresh election campaign

Jacinda Ardern has outlined policy areas and new appointments in the first press conference since she became Labour leader where she revealed the party's new campaign slogan - "Let's do this". 

The new Labour Leader says she's focussed on being as accessible as possible Source: 1 NEWS

At a press conference today Ms Ardern says Labour will add additional policies in the coming weeks, focusing on "housing, eduction, key infrastructure and the environment."

Outlining her policy to target more young voters, Ms Ardern said Labour would try and boost their "accessibility" by doing Facebook live events and changing all the billboards to just feature her face alongside the new campaign slogan "Let's Do This".

"I want to reach everyone. When I put a post on social media about the campaign I finished it with the most natural conclusion – Let's do this," she says.

"It's not just about the next seven weeks, it's about we can do if we are in a position to make change.

"I'm excited by this campaign and by what's possible so let's do this."

The Labour leader said if she was Prime Minister it wouldn’t have been right for Ms Turei to be in the Cabinet. Source: 1 NEWS

Labour's deputy leader Kelvin Davis joked that he had "the easiest job in politics" and would "sit back and bask in the Jacinda effect".

Ms Ardern announced she would be hiring Mike Munro to the role of strategic adviser but keeping the original team her predecessor Andrew Little had in place. 

The new Labour Party leader will be the only face on the party's campaign billboards. Source: 1 NEWS

The new Labour leader also faced tough questions over the recent announcement by Metiria Turei that she would not seek a ministerial position after the election if the Greens were part of the government.

Ms Ardern said she supports the decision by the Greens co-leader and "if we were in a situation where we were together as a cabinet and I was prime minister there would be no question that this call would have been made".

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