Watch: Labour complains people are not being allowed to enrol at early voting booths

The Labour Party have laid an official complaint with Electoral Commission after reports people were turned away from early voting booths because they weren't enrolled.

Jacinda Ardern raised the issue at a media stand-up in Hamilton today.

"We've had some reports that people that wanted to enrol and vote at early voting booths haven't been able to. We've certainly raised that concern with the Electoral Commission.

The couple cast their ballots in the Auckland electorate of Mt Albert. Source: 1 NEWS

"Because one of the advantages of early voting is you can vote and enrol at the same time, and you can't do that on election day," Ms Ardern said.

General Secretary of the Labour Party Andrew Kirton said the polling booths which the reports came from were in Northcote, Auckland and Bethlehem near Tauranga.

The Electoral Commission says Labour has contacted them regarding a matter at a Bethlehem voting place and they're "looking into it."

"It is important to us that all voters are able to have their say in this election. We want everyone to have a good experience at the voting place, and if that doesn’t happen, we would like to hear about it from voters," a spokesperson for the commission told 1 NEWS.

The Electoral Commission says it sent a reminder to staff today about the importance of following the processes in place for enrolling and voting at advance voting places.

Leader Jacinda Ardern says Labour has complained to the Electoral Commission after reports from a booth in Auckland and one near Tauranga. Source: 1 NEWS

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