Watch: Kiwi made robots helping get rural power restored after big storms

Transpower is trialling robots to help restore rural power after big storms.

The idea behind the mechanical workers is to cut down on the time it takes to fix a rural outage.

"Some of our workers are three to four hours away from our rural sites. So the idea behind the robot is that it can be based on site, and in an outage situation it can be livened up immediately from our control rooms remotely," Transpower's Mark Ryall says.

The robots were created by graduate students from Massey University.

TVNZ1's Seven Sharp sent Tim Wilson along to meet the robots and put them through their paces in the video above.

Transpower is trialling robots to help restore electricity to rural areas. Source: Seven Sharp


Weasel caught in trap at Wellington wildlife sanctuary after footprints found

Zealandia has caught a weasel after its footprints were found in the Wellington wildlife sanctuary on Monday last week.

The female weasel was found in a Department of Conservation trap today by a Zealandia ranger, at the southern end of the sanctuary where the animal was first detected.

Conservation and Research Manager Dr Danielle Shanahan is delighted with the result, saying the quick detection of the weasel dramatically reduces the risk to the sanctuary's wildlife.

"We'll continue to monitor things closely, keeping traps, camera traps and tracking tunnels out there until we're convinced that it was just the one animal," Dr Shanahan said.

Around 110 DOC200 traps were set in the urban wildlife sanctuary, baited with rabbit meat and eggs. 

Camera traps were also set, capturing the weasel on video three times at the same location.


'Instead of a car, a newborn baby' - William Shatner takes dig at Elon Musk, bizarrely suggests sending baby Neve to space

William Shatner has made an odd suggestion to help improve the country's space programme - sending baby Neve Gayford into space.

The comments come after the Star Trek actor helped open Rocket Lab's new factory alongside Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Auckland today.

In a dig at SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who put a car inside a rocket which was sent into orbit, Shatner said sending Ms Ardern's newborn baby would yield a greater payload.

"The Prime Minister has a baby, so why don't we put the baby as a payload. Get the baby up there, protect it - and, of course, bring the baby back home - but think how much better New Zealand's space programme would be," he said.

"Instead of a car, a newborn baby. What a wonderful place to be - on the cutting edge of this technology."

The Star Trek actor gave a very odd suggestion to help improve the country’s space programme Source: 1 NEWS


First of more than 18,000 crosses installed outside Auckland War Memorial Museum to mark WW1 deaths

On a dim and wet Auckland day, the first of more than 18,000 crosses - one to mark each death from WWI - are being carefully and painstakingly put in place outside the city's War Memorial Museum.

There was a private blessing this morning to mark the start of the installations.

The thousands of white crosses will keep being installed across the weekend and through to Monday afternoon at the earliest.

Auckland RSA president and Fields of Remembrance vice chairman Graham Gibson told 1 NEWS the end result will be a poignant sight.

"This is coming to the final stage, Armistice 2018, when the guns stopped. We're finally putting this field in as a national field," Mr Gibson said.

"It's 18,277 crosses."

The Fields of Remembrance started in 2014, as commemorations began intensifying leading up to this year's 100 year anniversary of the Armistice signing that ended the war.

There is grief behind each of the crosses, and a separate field is especially for the many families that have more than one cross.

"In that field is the nine mothers that lost four, the 51 mothers that lost three sons, and the 636 that lost two sons," he said.

"It's actually quite significant that we're starting to lay the field on this day, the 12th of October. History tells us that's when our bloodiest thing [happened] in the first World War, the Battle of Passchendaele, where we lost 846 men in the time it takes to play three games of rugby."

Current NZDF members have been laying the crosses today.

"It's only fitting that the military lay the crosses for the men and women that went before them.

"It was all for the young ones, and we wanted the young ones to understand what service and sacrifice was about."

From October 20, a bugler will walk through the fields at 7am and 7pm.

TVNZ will be broadcasting Auckland's Armistice centenary service live.

First of more than 18,000 crosses put in place at Auckland War Memorial Museum ahead of Armistice centenary commemoration. Source: 1 NEWS

Dunedin teen in viral video urging truck driver to run over cyclist apologises

The teenager involved in a now-viral video who was heard telling a truck driver to run over a cyclist in Dunedin has apologised.

In the clip, the teenager, sitting in the passenger seat of a truck, can be heard urging the driver to run over a cyclist while swearing and hurling abuse at them after being unable to pass them along Portobello Road, Newshub reports.

"Run him over, Greg, mate - do it. Out of the way, you f****** cabbage!" the 16-year-old Clearwater Civil Ltd employee can be heard saying.

Newshub has since received a letter sent by the teenager's mother, who said her son was remorseful for his actions.

"He now realises that he foolishly underestimated how seriously his comments would be taken and deeply regrets both the offence that they caused and the harm that they have created," she said. 

In the letter, the teenager wrote, "It was a dumb decision to post the video to social media and I am very sorry for any offence I've caused to the public and the affect my actions have had on my employer, my colleagues and the rest of the trucking community."

A Clearwater Civil spokesperson said they were satisfied that he "is very regretful of his actions".