Watch: Kiwi company turns cycling on the water into reality with incredible new hydrofoil bike

An enterprising Hamilton man has come up with a new invention that means riding a bike on the water is now a reality.

Founder of Kiwi company Torpedo7, Guy Howard-Willis, is the man behind the exciting new technology and says it was an easy idea to come up with.

"I've cycled all my life. I love road cycling and mountain biking, I love water sports, love swimming. So putting these two things together wasn't particularly hard to do," Mr Howard-Willis told the NZ Herald.

While coming up with the groundbreaking idea wasn't an issue for him, turning it into a reality was.

"I've come from that sort of background of actually developing stuff but this idea, I really wanted to make work. I wasn't sure if it would but the vision I had back then, to where we've got to today, is far advanced.

"I think what the bike does now, nearly 20 kilometres per hour, and we're going to go faster," Mr Howard-Willis said.

The hydrofoil bike has been a project more than seven years in the making, designer Roland Alonzo says while it may resemble a bike it has more in common with an aircraft.

"Because it's got pedals, a saddle and handlebars, people would naturally assume it's a bicycle on water but in many ways the characteristics resemble a bit more of an aircraft than that of a bicycle, wings vs wheels," Mr Alonzo told the NZ Herald.

Those eager to see the hydrofoil bike in action will get a chance when it makes its debut at the Big Boys Toys convention in Auckland which runs this weekend, November 10 to 12.