Watch: Kind-hearted Tauranga 13-year-old pays it forward, buys stranger's groceries




A Tauranga girl approached a young father and his child in a supermarket and offered to pay for his groceries in an act of generosity. 

A video of 13-year-old Te Riina Takamore's actions at the Gate Pa New World on Wednesday was posted online by her mother after she told the stranger, "I'd like to pay for your groceries". 

The man said, "Thank you! Are you sure? Really?"

The NZ Herald reported her mother, Vicki Takamore, as saying the idea was sparked after they went to buy an iPhone for Te Riina. 

After the money and goods were exchanged, the seller gave them their money back. 

Te Riina suggested the family do something kind for another person. 

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