Watch: Jessica Mutch makes a call on name of Jacinda Ardern's baby

1 NEWS Political Editor Jessica Mutch has playfully predicted that Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford’s baby will be a boy and Clarke will feature somewhere in the name.

Mutch admitted her "good money" bet on the gender was baseless but because the prime minister's partner Clarke shares his name with his father, she predicted that Clarke would feature somewhere in the name for a boy.

"I have absolutely nothing to base this on, except for a pure guess but I'm going with boy and I'm thinking somewhere in there, Clarke, because Clarke's name and then his father's name is Clarke," Mutch said on TVNZ1's Breakfast today.

"If they had slipped up and said girl, they would have been like, 'ah, okay that's what happened' and just said, 'yep, it's a girl.'"

"That's what my little thinking is, maybe I'm over thinking it."

Ms Ardern is due to give birth on Sunday.

Jessica Mutch regular talks with the Prime Minister, so who better to speculate? Source: Breakfast