Watch: James Shaw appeals to voters after Greens' 'momentary lapse of reason'

Greens leader James Shaw tonight took to Facebook to appeal to voters after a 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll showed the party below the threshold needed to return to Parliament after the election.

The poll gave the Greens 4.3 per cent of the party vote, down 11 points from the last poll in July, and if they don't reach the five per cent threshold, their only other option to get back into Parliament is to win a seat.

Former co-leader Metiria Turei's shock benefit fraud admission, the hasty departure of two MPs and Ms Turei's eventual resignation has rocked the Green Party and its supporters.

"Tonight's TVNZ poll, which shows the Greens on a really low base, is clearly not great news," Ms Shaw said, speaking directly to a camera from a seat in his office. 

"And what it shows me is that we have a lot of work to do over the course of the next five weeks to rebuild the trust and credibility with all of those New Zealanders who have supported us in the past," he said. 

"I know that the last couple of weeks have been messy. And if there's one rule in politics it's that New Zealand voters hate it when political parties engage in kind of messy activity and all of that kind of stuff."

Mr Shaw said: "So I know that and I'm hoping that our track record over the last 17 years in Parliament, and the years before we even got into Parliament, will show that what happened over the course of the last few weeks was, shall we say, a momentary lapse of reason. 

"And actually we are still going strong, we are the same Green Party that we've always been, with the same vision the same values."

Mr Shaw appealed to viewers to "help us out, talk to your friends and stand with us over the course of the next five weeks".

He said "a strong Green heart at the next progressive government is absolutely vital".