Watch: Jacinda Ardern's full speech in front of her adoring Labour supporters

Jacinda Ardern faces a nervy week as NZ First leader Winston Peters weighs which way to go in forming New Zealand's next government.

The Labour leader talks to hundreds of cheering supporters at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

The Labour leader says "no one wants to keep New Zealand hanging". Source: 1 NEWS

But the 37-year-old Labour leader says she's ready to negotiate with Mr Peters and said the majority of Kiwis had voted for a change of Government.

"Certainly my expectation is to have a conversation with both of those parties (BZ First and Greens)," she told 1 NEWS' Andrea Vance last night.

Asked what her message was to Winston Peters, she responded: "At the moment there's conversations that obviously need to be had.

"I think the expectation would be that we do that as quickly as we can."

Earlier, she had she told supporters at Auckland’s Aotea Centre that despite what Coalition arrangements might be bring, she was committed to a better future for New Zealand's children.

"We will do everything we can to work with any party that shares our belief that New Zealand can be better. That life for our children can be better.

"And that the next generation can expect better.

"We will collaborate."