Watch: Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges trade barbs over 'Labour led Government' terminology - 'We're in government and you're not'

Jacinda Ardern and Simon Bridges traded barbs over the terminology "Labour led Government" in a spirited exchange during Question Time in the House today.

The issue was raised by Mr Bridges after Winston Peters had recently taken exception to the Opposition using the term "Labour led Government" in the House.

Yesterday, a reporter also pointed out Labour's official website used to have the phrase "to get the latest from the Labour led Government click here" on it's homepage, which has now been changed to read "to get the latest from the Coalition Government, click here."

"Does she agree with her deputy prime minister's insistence that his Government was not Labour led?" Mr Bridges asked the Prime Minister today.

Ms Ardern sought to discredit the question as irrelevant in her answer.

"While that member's caught up on semantics this Government is proud that a recent survey said that the people of New Zealand have greater confidence in us then they did that last government.

"I don't think they particularly care about descriptors and what was on a website. We have the support of New Zealand and that's why we're here and you're over there," Ms Ardern said.

Speaker Trevor Mallard then had to ask for order in the House before Mr Bridges was able to press on.

"Speaking of semantics why are there over 50 references by her ministers in this Parliament to being a Labour led Government?"

Ms Ardern's answer was a brief one.

"Because we're in Government and you're not."

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