Watch: Jacinda Ardern serenaded with song written especially for her and Neve on arrival to Nauru

Jacinda Ardern was serenaded on her arrival to Nauru with a song written especially for her and baby Neve.

The President of Nauru Baron Waqa took to the guitar to perform the tune with a group of Nauru locals as the New Zealand Prime Minister looked on sporting a big grin.

Ms Ardern filmed their performance of the song Jacinda New Star in the Sky on her cellphone.

The light hearted moment comes as controversy struck the Pacific Islands Forum on Nauru yesterday when 1 NEWS' Pacific Islands Correspondent Barbara Dreaver was detained by police while attempting to interview a refugee.

Dreaver was detained for about three hours this afternoon, and says she is now “fine and dandy”. Source: 1 NEWS

During a live cross she told 1 NEWS about the experience.

"I was interviewing a refugee outside a restaurant, we had been told we could do this by Nauraun officials.

"However, a police car then turned up with three officers who said I breached my visa and I had to go with them to the police station, where I was questioned for three hours," Dreaver said.

Dreaver says she was treated "extremely well" by the Nauru police.

Nauruan authorities deny she was detained, saying she voluntarily accompanied them. 

The I NEWS Pacific correspondent was detained by police on Nauru on September 4 during the Pacific Island Forum. Source: Breakfast

Ms Ardern and Dreaver are both scheduled to leave Nauru tonight and return to New Zealand.

The song called Jacinda New Star in the Sky clearly delighted the Prime Minister. Source: 1 NEWS