Watch: It's nothing personal - but National MP Dr Jian Yang should resign

Leading Kiwi macroeconomist Rodney Jones says we need to separate the personal controversy surrounding National List MP Dr Jian Yang from the more important discussion - New Zealand's national security and who is suitable to hold office in this country.

Leading Kiwi macroeconomist Rodney Jones says National list MP Dr Yang, once part of the Chinese military and Communist Party, has to resign. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Jones, who is based in China offering companies financial advice on the Chinese market, says he has nothing against Dr Yang but says the National MP should resign.

National Party list MP Jian Yang has spoken to the media today addressing a story published relating to his employment history in China's military. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Jones says there is no place in a New Zealand parliament, let alone a government, for a man who was once a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

He says it's unfortunate this controversy has arisen so close to the election but New Zealand has to establish some clear boundaries on who can be eligible to be an MP.