Watch: 'It's a matter of turning it on' - Speaker tells off MPs over ear pieces, asks Winston Peters to practise being 'kind' before taking up Acting PM role

Speaker Trevor Mallard has told off several MPs after they misplaced their ear pieces in Parliament today.

The incident occurred after MP Gerry Brownlee interrupted Associate Minister of Education Kelvin Davis, who was speaking in Te Reo Māori, to announce that some of the desks did not have the ear pieces required to hear the interpretation.

"Mr Speaker, it is not a member's responsibility to provide the facilities in here. That's a ridiculous thing to say," Mr Brownlee said furiously. 

"Every member at the beginning of the Parliament was provided with an ear piece which plugs in to the thing between himself and the honourable QC beside him—" Mr Mallard responded.

He was cut off by MP Christopher Finlayson, who said Mr Mallard was being "a smart alec".

"That's totally offensive, and the tone in which you used it," Mr Finlayson said.

Mr Mallard asked the MPs if it was his responsibility for members losing their translation ear pieces, to which some shouted, 'Yes'.

After a brief clash with Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters over the incident, Mr Mallard responded, "I just want to say to the Deputy Prime Minister, that is not helpful, and I think he should practise being kind for when he is the Acting Prime Minister."

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