Watch: 'It's going to be interesting' - psyched up Judith Collins issues battle cry as wounded Nats begin life in opposition




National MP Judith Collins has ruled herself out of becoming a future leader of her party, saying she is looking forward to being in opposition and holding the new government to account.

With National kicked out of power, questions are inevitably being asked about Bill English's next move.
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Ms Collins was talking today on TVNZ1's Breakfast along with Labour MP Phil Twyford, when she was asked about the potential of her taking on the role of National leader following NZ First's decision to back Labour in a coalition.

"First I want to say congratulations to Phil, good campaign and good negotiations," Ms Collins graciously said to her rival.

"That's so gracious and I hope we can keep this tone between National and Labour for the next nine years," Mr Twyford replied, laughing.

"Possibly it will be for the next month or so and then it's opposition time," Ms Collins shot back before addressing the leadership question.

"Come on, I don't see any chance of that happening, but what I can say though is I thought Bill English did a fantastic job during that campaign and I can't see any sense of change at the moment," she said.

Winston Peters has thrown his support behind a Labour-led government with Jacinda Ardern as PM.
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Ms Collins then issued a statement which may cause some in people's blood to run cold in the Labour camp.

"I am so looking forward to holding the next government to account," Ms Collins said with a wry chuckle.

"It's going to be an interesting time."

She will have every chance to do just that when National enter Parliament with the largest opposition the country has seen under MMP.

The issue Ardern will have to do face first is convince voters "this is a credible government", says our political editor.
Source: Breakfast

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