Watch: 'It's a disgusting f****** mess' - Kiwi vlogger slams patrons for trashing Auckland's Queen St Maccas


What Kiwi vlogger Charde Heremaia saw at a central Auckland McDonald's, after a night out this past Saturday, could put you off satisfying your McCravings at that time of the morning.

"It was a mother******* mess", at the Britomart Maccas, according to Ms Heremaia, who walked to the Queen Street store around 4am on Sunday to get a feed after heading out on the town.

When she got there, she found bins outside the restaurant overflowing with trash and the footpath strewn with all sorts of McDonald's packaging.

She told 1 NEWS NOW when she got there, she blasted patrons inside the restaurant for the rubbish, telling them to "have some respect for the workers".

She then asked a staff member for a rubbish bag and picked up all the trash outside the restaurant, with the help of friends and other patrons.

It took them about 20 minutes.

Heremaia recorded a Facebook Live video of the mess, saying in her post, "shout out to the people who work to serve others".

"Whether you're a cleaner who has to clean up lazy people's rubbish, whether you service motel rooms to keep them clean and tidy for the people staying, whether you work in retail where every second mother f***** asks to speak to your manager or whether you bust your ass in hospitality.

"I f****** love you and appreciate what you do. I hate people who disrespect others in these industries in particular.

"I don't give a f*** if someone is "paid" to clean up after you or whatever, just have some respect and make their jobs easier."

She told 1 NEWS after she picked up the rubbish outside she took the bag, which she described as twice the size of a normal household garbage bag, and gave it to staff.

"I told everyone [patrons] to learn some manners and respect."

The Napier-based woman, who is known for her Facebook page Memoirs of a Maori, was in Auckland after attending Polyfest and Justin Bieber concert.

A McDonald's spokesperson says the Britomart franchisee has spoken previously with Auckland Council, about increasing the number of rubbish bins in the area, but has had no success.

The spokesperson says staff do clean up the litter outside the restaurant once the area has quietened down.

"We encourage customers to dispose of their rubbish responsibly in the bins provided on the street or in the restaurant," the spokesperson says.

"The Britomart restaurant has an 'A' food grade from the Auckland Council and maintains a strict daily cleaning schedule.

"While a dine in option is available, during late-night busy periods, some customers choose to eat outside the restaurant and dispose of their rubbish on the streets.

"Saturday night was particularly busy with a number of events on in and around the city."

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