Watch: 'It's actually terrific' - Corrections happy child sex offenders in jobs, after 1 NEWS reveals some employed near schools


The Department of Corrections has justified the risk of having child sex offenders working unsupervised close to children by saying it's excellent they're employed.

Alistair Riach, deputy commissioner for Correction's northern region says it's great the offenders who are in the community have work.
Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS was questioning how a high risk offender, who has breached his strict release conditions 16 times already, could be allowed to work unsupervised within 200 metres of a primary school in South Auckland.

It's really important that they fill their day with constructive activity"
Alistair Riach

Alistair Riach, assistant commissioner for Correction's northern region said, "I think the big picture there is it's actually terrific if child sex offenders who are in the community have work'.

"It's really important that they fill their day with constructive activity.

"Not many people give these people a second chance so it's excellent when they do work."

Yesterday 1 NEWS revealed former National MP and ex Auckland councillor Arthur Anae was using the offenders as cheap labour on properties his trust owns.

Footage shows men working on South Auckland property controlled by former Auckland councillor Arthur Anae.
Source: 1 NEWS

At least one offender, who attacked a nine-year-old girl in the toilets of a Wendy's burger outlet, has been working for Mr Anae near the school since last November.

Mr Anae's office provided paperwork that proves it.

And a source told 1 NEWS that offender has been visited by a probation officer there at least three times in that year.

But Corrections says it's only known for eight weeks about the employment, and acted immediately to stop it.

Arthur Anae is using unsupervised child sex offenders as cheap labour to do maintenance on his properties.
Source: 1 NEWS

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