Watch: 'I was in a really scary situation' – an emotional Millie Elder-Holmes opens up on how she quit meth




Millie Elder-Holmes has given a new insight into her past struggle to beat a life threatening meth addiction during a candid Q & A session on social media yesterday.

The daughter of the late Sir Paul Holmes has previously talked about how she and former partner, Connor Morris, had given up the addictive drug together, before his death in 2014 from a machete attack. 

When asked by one user of the Sarahah app how she was able to beat her addiction, she replied: "You need really strong firm people in your life because I really didn't take advice from anyone. When my dad tried to put me in rehab and everything I just didn’t go for it at all.

"But when me and Connor decided to do it together, and with his family supporting us, they really helped me, I wouldn't have been able to do it without them."

Another user asked Ms Elder-Holmes what they could do to help their son who is a drug addict. The question made her emotional, appearing to nearly tear up before answering.

"The turning point I've never really talked about, why we decided to get clean, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to yet, is that I was just in a really scary situation and it made me not want to be in that kind of life anymore.

"I would say there's always hope, anyone can get clean from drugs they just need to really want it."

Ms Elder-Holmes has been drug free for over seven years now and runs progressive lifestyle blog Clean Eats NZ from her home in Greece.

It's the final countdown for 26-year-old Millie Holmes ahead of Saturday night's fight against Shortland Street star Frankie Adams.

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