Watch: 'I'm suggesting to voters they cut out the middle man' – English issues blunt message on Peters




A National coalition government with Winston Peters' NZ First seems a little more remote today, after Bill English last night encouraged voters "to cut out the middle man", in a move designed to rub Mr Peters out of Parliament all together.

English and Ardern were put on the spot over potential coalition partners. Mr English didn't mince his words.
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Hours after a 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll showed NZ First's vote on near life support at 5 per cent, Mr English dropped the hammer on Mr Peters in last night's final 1 NEWS Leaders Debate, when pushed by moderator Mike Hosking.

"I'm suggesting to voters they cut out the middle-man," Mr English told Hosking.

Who was the winner – and what were the main messages? Corin Dann and Andrea Vance break down tonight's final 1 NEWS Leaders Debate.
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"I don't like this view that Mr Peters has that he decides who the Government of New Zealand is."

On last night's 1 NEWS poll, which put National at 46 per cent, Labour at 37 per cent and the Greens at 8 per cent, Mr Peters is still the king - or queen maker.

The confident NZ First leader today called this election "a three way fight".
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Mr English's dialogue last night follows an ongoing war of words between Mr Peters and ACT leader David Seymour, another potential coalition partner on the right.

But on TVNZ's Breakfast today, Mr Peters insisted he hadn't yet decided which of the major parties he'd form government with, if left to choose.

The NZ First leader says he can't confirm whether he would go with Labour or National.
Source: Breakfast

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