Watch: 'I'm proud of what I've done' – self-confessed Palmerston North 'creep catcher' unrepentant over vigilante justice campaign

A self-described 'creep catcher' has appeared in Palmerston North District Court today facing several charges relating to harmful videos posted online.

Connor Bevins, 20, entered no plea to most of the 10 charges.

The 20-year-old says his vigilante justice campaign was partly inspired by similar groups overseas.

Bevins says he pretended to be a minor online and would start conversations in chat rooms.

"Normally after about five messages or so they'd start talking dirty, sending me pictures of their parts and stuff," he said.

Outside court he said his aim was to expose paedophiles.

"Now they're charging me for doing their job that's their problem not mine... I'm proud of what I've done, I've got no regrets at all," he said.

Bevins said he would organise to meet many of them in the Palmerston North Square, confront them, at times abuse them, and then chase them, often ending up in the local police station just down the road.

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He said he filmed it all and then put it online.

A woman, who didn't want to be named, says she knows some of the victims, many of whom say they're innocent. 

"On the face of it, it was a good idea... but just not the way he was doing it," the woman said.

"Nobody's been charged, all it's done is these people are now named and shamed with no real evidence."

Bevins also faces charges of threatening one of the people in his videos and jumping on a person's car.

He is on bail and due to appear in court again next month.

Connor Bevins says he pretended to be a minor online in a bid to 'expose paedophiles'. Source: 1 NEWS