Watch: 'I'm not too bothered' – Paula Bennett happy to give up deputy PM role for Winston Peters




Paula Bennett says she's willing to give up her role of deputy prime minister to Winston Peters in any coalition deal.

National's deputy leader is willing to make the sacrifice if it means her party gets back into power.
Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Bennett and her fellow National MPs arrived at the Beehive for caucus today, when she was asked about giving up the job for the good of the party.

"I'm not too bothered to be honest, I love what I do and I'd still be deputy leader of the party.

"That's the main thing really, we will just work our way through it," Ms Bennett said.

Her party's leader, Bill English, appeared calm and collected arriving at the National Party's caucus this morning at parliament, dismissing any suggestion Mr Peters' ongoing grudges with National would hinder a respectful negotiation process.

Bill English appeared confident Winston Peters would bury any ongoing grudges with National when he comes to the negotiation table.
Source: 1 NEWS

"He understands his role," Mr English said.

"And his role here is to, now that we've had an election, the people have spoken which is the core of our democracy then it's up to the political party leaders to form the kind of government indicated by the election.

"Mr Peters knows that as well as anybody and I'm quite sure he takes that role responsibly."

No final deal is expected to be made until the special votes result is announced on October 7.

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