Watch: 'I'm going to have a scar' - Christchurch teen attacked by a cheetah in Africa talks of scary experience


A Christchurch teenager who was mauled by a cheetah during a family trip to Africa has found the silver lining to the ordeal, saying it's "quite have a scar from a cheetah". 

The father of the 14-year-old ripped the animal off him during the wildlife experience.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Driver family had the opportunity to pat two cheetahs while on a safari tour during their trip of a lifetime around South Africa this week. 

However, when Isaac was leaving the enclosure, a cheetah viciously attacked him.

The 14-year-old's sister, Eve, told 1NEWS she attempted to grab the animal when it leaped towards her brother. 

"It ripped my shirt but I only had a tiny scratch," she said

"He was straight on the ground and all I could see was him on the ground and it was quite scary."

The siblings' father, Dave, managed to rip the cheetah off Isaac after it started to bite. 

"Isaac said he had the cheetah by the neck and if he hadn't, it probably would have got his face," said Ms Driver. 

Online reviews show the teen isn't the first to be attacked by one of the cats while on the safari tour. 

In July 2016, one reviewer wrote "the cheetah drew blood where it's claws catched my lip and eye".

However, Isaac believes the park shouldn't be shut down after his attack but the tour operators should have safety protocols in place for smaller children.

"I think if a smaller child.. probably should have an age that you can go into see the cheetahs a bit higher."

Ms Driver said her mum "keeps having nightmares" of the ordeal and her family is looking forward to getting back home. 

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