Watch: 'Who-hoo' - Maverick German pilot's low swoop over airport lands him in hot water

A maverick German pilot is in hot water after aborting a landing and performing a low swoop over Duesseldorf Airport during the final flight of a bankrupt German airline.

A spokesperson for Air Berlin said the pilot was performing a "lap of honour" to mark the airline's last international flight, from Miami to Duesseldorf on Monday, Nine News reported.

Witness at Duesseldorf Airport filming the stunt can be heard exclaiming "it's too low, it's too low" before than laughing and clapping as the commercial passenger jet ascends up from low over the runway into the sky.

Yet, German aviation safety official did not see the humour in the low pass by the Airbus A330.

Officials have asked the bankrupt carrier to explain the cavalier move and are investigating if any of the 200 passengers on board were put in danger by it.

A Federal Aviation Office spokesman said Tuesday that it is not unusual for an aborted landing to occur when the pilot thinks it necessary.

But Stefan Commessmann told The Associated Press the actions of the Air Berlin pilot "differs from the usual manoeuvre and the reason for it needs to be clarified".

The airline will cease operating at the end of October.