Watch: Honey, I've got the passports and wedding dress - husband's mad dash for belongings




Christchurch's Andrew Lynn is without a doubt a strong contender for 2017's husband of the year.

And it's not because he packed important documents like passports, birth certificates and photos into his bag, during the mad dash to escape the roaring fire near his home.

Andrew Lynn earns husband of the year after he quickly grabbed his wife Nicky's wedding dress as they fled the Port Hills fire.
Source: Breakfast

The Christchurch man quickly threw into his bag of treasured belongings something more valuable - his wife's wedding dress.

He and his wife Nicky appeared on TVNZ's Breakfast this morning from the comfort of a makeshift evacuation room, at a Christchurch resident's home.

Andrew Lynn may well be up for husband of the year.
Source: 1 NEWS

They evacuated their home, a small distance from the fire-threatened area of Worsley Spur, about 3pm yesterday.

During the ever-moving scenario he scooped up his wife's wedding dress.

"I just thought it's one of those keepsakes that you can't replace," he told Breakfast.

Nicky said she was surprised when she found out the satin-looking gown was among the treasures Andrew had shoved into the car.

"I was surprised when he got it because I wouldn't have actually thought about it," Nicky laughed.

Yesterday they decided to pack up and leave their home when they noticed the fire moving into towards their place.

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